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Description Mastenbroek Aeroskill is the Installation Centre for the SNECMA built SMA SR305-230E-MA02, 230 HP Jet-A Engine. 

SMA has just launched its Enhanced Turbo driven 4-Cylinder Power House which is the improved follow up of the first Series. TBO is now 2400 hrs. No Calendar Limit....

This C182 Airframe in combination with the enhanced SMA engine would make it a young and strong, high performance work horse with a payload of almost 500 kgs and a fuel burn down to 30 ltrs of Jet A1.  
Airframe Cessna 182Q +/- 2150 hrs TSN
Engine Continental O-470 +/- 2150 hrs TSN
Propeller McCauley 2-blade Propeller +/- 500 hrs TSO
Interior All original Camel Colour in a very good condition.
Tinted Windows. Very Clean.
Exterior Original Paint. Hardly any corrosion and only little wear and tear. Equiped with wheel fairings. 
Avionics NAVCOM King KX 165A + CDI KI 209
  NAVCOM King KX 175B + CDI KI 204
  DME King KN62A
  Audio Panel King KN62A
  Transponder King KN62A
  Blind Encoder AR850
  ADF Narco 141
Options Horizon EDO-AIRE (Vacuum)
2x Altimeter
Auto Pilot S-TEC-60-2
StormScope WX10 with Ryan WX-10 Display
EGT + Carb Indicator
Portable Fire Extinguisher

This Cessna 182 is in an exceptionally good condition.
All Logbooks since new included with a very complete maintenance history.

Beautiful  and Pampered Cessna 182Q. Manufacturing year: 1979. Owned for many years by only one owner. Interior & Exterior still original.

An Ideal Candidate to transform into the Turbo Charged 230 HP SMA Enhanced Diesel.

Registration can be altered into any other.

Price SOLD