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As any Mooney Service Center technician can attest, aging fuel tanks have become a part of life. The smell of fuel in the cabin, ugly blue stains, concerns about safety, and the impact on aircraft value are true concerns for many Mooney owners. Though still a problem, there is good news. Mooney fuel tank repair may no longer be a nightmare. We're pleased to report that the literally gruesome job of removingdeteriorated sealer has in many cases been reduced to a chemical process.

Liquid chemicals specifically formulated to digest Polysulfide sealers were introduced to general aviation in the late 1990's. These biodegradable products are confirmed to not create corrosion or cause deterioration of metals and other components used int he production of general aviatin aircraft.

The Weep No More process and specially designed equipment were developed to apply this chemical inside the fuel tanks. This unique process results in the chemical removal of Polysulfide sealers previously removed primarily by hand scraping.  The gruesome and laboriouse task of removing sealer by hand has been changed to a chemical process.

The first few years of mixed results in both ease of sealer removal and significant need for warranty leak repairs was disappointing. Ultimate chemical formula enhancement resulted in more efficinet removal of the varying sealers used in different years of aircraft manufacture.  Multiple years and many aircraft later, a learning curve peaked.  Means of protecting aircraft paint were developed. New and effective sealants were discovered enhancing the resealing proces. Need for warranty support diminished. Customer satisfaction improved and Weep No More gradually became the Mooney Aircraft tank repair process of choice.

There has been an overwhelming acceptance of the Weep No More process by the Mooney Aircraft factory service center and many already pleased clients. We have since added more aircraft to the fuel tank repair process, such as Vans RV and the Vultee BT-13. We are expanding to possibly include other models in the future.

Efficiency of the sealer removal process has resulted in a very quick completion time that is not common in this industry.

Another reason for the greater acceptance of Weep No More is that many owners do not want the reduction of useful load created by bladders and prefer the safer option of resealing.

In addition to the total clean and reseal service for the aging airplanes, we are prepared to educate clients on how to evaluate and care for their tanks. Not all repairs require total clean and reseal. In such situations, we will work with the aircraft owner to help make the best service decisions for the future of their fuel tanks.

We have been featured in an article writen by the European Mooney Pilot and Owners Association, click here to read the article!



Before - Old and improperly sealed tanks will lead to nasty stains like these.


Before - Thick layers of sealant and coating don't always help.


Process - Sealant is chemically removed, remaining sealant is removed by hand.

Final result

Process - A cleaned tank with a fresh base coat.

Top coat

Result - Finally, a new top coat is applied.