Engine manufactures provide a time limit for when their engines should be overhauled. This limit, which consist of a certain amount of Flight Hours and Calender Months, is the point at which they recommend the engine should be removed from the aircraft and should be sent to the factory or to an engine shop for revision.

In the Netherlands, for Dutch registered aircraft (PH-registration), in certain cases it is however possible to fly beyond the EASA regulated limits. To do this your aircraft will need an approved "On-Condition Maintenance Program". United Aeroskill has developed an approved program in accordance with Maintenance Directive NL-2010-001.

With this program we are able to extend the Time-Between-Overhaul (TBO) of your Lycoming or Continental engine up to 50%. This program covers most engine components and that way reduces the costs made when the TBO is reached.

Apart from stricter inspection limits there are a few important rules that the aircraft operator has to be aware of. These rules require that the operator has to:

  • Have a minimum of 6 analyzed oil samples.
  • Perform an On-Condition inspection on the engine at least every 6 months.
  • Has to fly a minimum of 1 continous flight hour per months.
  • Has to fly a minimum of 15 flight hours per 6 months.

United Aeroskill can easily incorporate the O/C Program into the maintenance program and can help you to continue operating your engine beyond the TBO.

For any questions regarding On Condition maintenace feel free to contact United Aeroskill.